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Digitally Preserving Cape Canaveral

A team from the University of South Florida is working to preserve the history of the U.S. space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida. They have quite a challenge on their hands. “Some of these complexes are in poor shape,” said … Continue reading

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CALIPSO Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

Ball’s lidar (light detection and ranging) instrument provides accurate, high resolution, vertical profiles of clouds and aerosols Continue reading

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Aerial Services Webinar This Week

You made an investment in a remote sensing project and the provider has delivered your data. Just how “good” is it? Continue reading

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LiDAR Market by Components, Product Types & Applications

This report segments the market on the basis of various product types, technologies, components used, applications, and geographies. Continue reading

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NASA Using Flash LIDAR

These Morpheus tests include using an ASC 3D Flash LIDAR camera to image the hazard field for landing. Continue reading

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LiDAR Data and Privacy

Perhaps activity outside of your house, or your kids on their way to school, or the licenses of cars in your driveway will be caught on camera. Continue reading

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Japan is Building Centimeter-Resolution GPS

Engineers at Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp. report that they’re on track to start up the first commercial, nationwide, centimeter-scale satellite positioning technology by 2018. Continue reading

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Structural Modeling Webinar

ClearEdge3D’s new EdgeWise Structure software promises much faster and more accurate modeling of steel, concrete and wood structural members Continue reading

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Practical Application of Mobile LiDAR Guidelines

In this document Ted stresses the practical application of the Guidelines to real world experiences and workflows. It’s a must read if you are in the mobile LiDAR business. Continue reading

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USGS 3DEP Webinar

The webinar, hosted by GeoCue’s CTO Lewis Graham will be held on Tuesday April 29 at 1:00 PM CDT. You can register here. Continue reading

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