Lidar for Drone Conference Kicks Off Wednesday

Well, I made it to the south of France where I will be attending YellowScan’s Lidar for Drone conference on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. These small, highly focused events are often the best learning and networking experiences. Look for tweets and updates.

Image of Lidar for Drone Conference

Lidar for Drone Conference

The YellowScan team would like to invite you to this year’s LiDAR for Drone Conference on March 20th & 21st in Montpellier, France.

This event is an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments in UAV LiDAR technologies, share experiences and meet your peers. Attendees will gain insight into the LiDAR industry, hear from interesting and innovative users of LiDAR and be part of this important ecosystem.

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Meet James Combs – Younger Geospatial Professional

Welcome Younger Geospatial Professional James Combs to this Spotlight interview. What an impressive start to this YGP’s career!

Photo of James Combs - YGP

James Combs – YGP

Please provide a recap of your post high school education and training. Do you have any licenses or certifications? Are you a member of any organizations?

I was very fortunate that the University that I attended had a surveying program. I started at Murray State in 2005 . I also started working at a small local survey firm during all breaks from school. I have had a straightforward path to licensure and after graduating from MSU in 2011 I took a course in PLSS from University of Wyoming online and got my first surveying license in 2014. Since then I have obtained surveying licenses in Colorado, Kentucky and New Mexico.

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GeoIgnite 2019 Issues Call for Speakers

With fewer than 100 days before the inaugural event, GeoIgnite 2019 is adding major sponsors, speakers and exhibitors to the conference schedule every week. Be sure to include this important event in your summer calendar on June 18 and 19 in Ottawa, Canada.

Image of GeoIgnite 2019

GeoIgnite 2019

GeoIgnite is occurring at the perfect time in the industry, bringing insight into how big data analytics, spatial thinking, IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, SLAM, BIM, standards, GEOINT, and digital innovation are gaining momentum in Canadian  government and business.

If you would like to be a speaker, you can submit your abstract for a presentation here. The deadline is March 31, so don’t delay. Continue reading

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NHERI RAPID Facility is Hosting Intensive Workshop

The NHERI – Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure program is hosting an intensive workshop at its RAPID Facility which is located at the University of Washington in Seattle, July 23 – 26, 2019.

Workshop Description:

Images for NHERI RAPID Workshop


The Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Facility (known as the “RAPID” provides investigators with the equipment, software, and support services needed to collect, process, and analyze perishable data from natural hazard events. On July 23-26, the RAPID will host a hands-on, intensive workshop providing attendees with the opportunity to develop expertise in using RAPID equipment to collect data, process the data, and integrate the collected data through the use of the RAPID mobile software (“RApp”) and DesignSafe-CI.

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JASR Systems Awarded $8.2 Million for Chip-Sized Lidar

JASR Systems must have some high level connections with the military to land a $8.2 million contract to develop chip-sized lidar. This is the kind of high level research that led to Velodyne developing their first lidar sensor.

point cloud of bridge JASR Systems to Develop Lidar

JASR Systems to Develop Lidar

From an article by Umar Iftikhar in 3D Printing Industry.

The U.S Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Ohio, has awarded $8.2 million in funding to California-based JASR Systems. The grant will be used to develop chip-sized optical phased arrays and LiDAR scanning systems.

JASR Systems was founded in 2018 by Jinendra Ranka, Kyle Watson, and Brett Spivey, specialists in optical communications technologies. The company develops sensing technologies and autonomous navigation systems, such as phased array LiDAR and millimeter-wave radar and microwave systems.

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Dennis Hirota Honored by Titans of Tech Program

Good friend, Dennis Hirota was recently honored with the first Titans of Tech selection. The bar has been set high for future inductees. Congratulations and thanks for all that you are doing for the profession.

A Dual Mission

Photo of Dennis Hirota  - Titan of Tech

Dennis Hirota – Titan of Tech

For our debut Titans of Tech recognition program, we looked for a Hall of Fame honoree who would set the tone for the years to come. Someone who not only advanced their own careers and business through technology, but who has been working consistently to lift Hawaii itself to new technological heights.

We found that person in Dennis Hirota, President of the civil engineering firm his father started in 1963, Sam O. Hirota, Inc. That progress, on both fronts has been Dennis Hirota’s priority for nearly half a century.

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AEC to BE – Do You Have the Skills to Make the Transition?

I suppose the mega-trend that sums up all of what is taking place concerning the transition from AEC to BE is digital transformation, but it sure feels like a lot more.

image of AEC to BE

AEC to BE Credit

Most of us seasoned veterans grew up in the traditional AEC – Architecture, Engineering (civil), and Construction world with clearly defined, albeit often antagonistic roles that date back to at least the Roman Empire. It is very hard to beleive that for more than 2,000  years these AEC roles have essentially been unaffected by the technology around them. From the printing press, to the steam engine, to electricity, the radio, airplanes, rockets, nuclear energy and many inventions that I have left out, the AEC roles have essentially remained the same.

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33 Basic Tools for Getting Started in Revit

Dan Edleson has worked as a Designer, Project Manager and BIM Coordinator for over a decade and is a co-founder of Stereo. Dan says his “33 Basic Tools for Getting Started  in Revit” will make you dangerous.

image of building 33 Basic Tools in Revit

33 Basic Tools in Revit

When I graduated college I had a hard time getting a job in an architecture firm because my undergrad degree was not “architecture”. I interviewed with about 25 companies who all told me to go back to school. The only way I was able to get my foot in the door was to tout my knowledge of AutoCAD. Except I didn’t know AutoCAD. I did what many people do and taught myself using YouTube videos and other online resources.

There was a lot of great information out there, but it always seemed to overlook one very basic concept that was crucial; HOW DO YOU DRAW A LINE?!? It took me several weeks of troubleshooting and Googling until I finally figured out how to do the most basic of commands in AutoCAD. After that I was indeed able to get a job at a firm, and then went back to school on my own terms two years later.

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FAA Announces Registration Rules Changes

The FAA announced a small, but important change to the rules concerning the display of your registration number.

image of drone  Rules  FAA Changes

Rules FAA Changes

This is from an article by Matt Fanelli Director of Strategy at Skyward.

For more than three years, the FAA has required all of us who fly drones commercially or for fun to register our drones and display the ID number somewhere on the drone. Up until now, that number could be just about anywhere—outside or inside the drone, on the battery compartment, etc. In last week’s Federal Register, the FAA announced a small-but-important update: By February 23—that’s tomorrow—the registration number must be on the outside of the drone.  

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ARE – AirShark Teams Up With UVM Spatial Analysis Lab

Good friend Jarlath O’Niel-Dunne, the Director of UVM SAL has been promising to write an article for Lidar News. I guess we will have count this blog post on the ARE-AirShark website as his report on UAV operations – for now.

logo for ARE - AirShark Teams with UVM SAL

ARE – AirShark Teams with UVM SAL

This is from a blog post on the ARE website.

In order to maximize productivity, versatility, and efficiency with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), ARE-AirShark and the University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Lab (UVM SAL) have formalized a partnership. One of ARE-AirShark’s very own GIS Analysts’, Tayler Engel, worked as UVM SAL’s Lead Pilot for 5 years and stated “I see the ARE-AirShark, UVM SAL relationship as the perfect opportunity for both sides to advance in the field of UAV technology.

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ARE-AirShark is Focused on UAV Inspection

I just became aware of ARE-AirShark, a UAV inspection operation based in my home town of Hampton, NH that is offering an impressive suite of services. I hope to meet with them soon to get the full story.

ARE-AirShark Project Deliverable

ARE-AirShark Project Deliverable

Here is a recent blog post for a storm water remediation project.

The location of the gully contributes to sediment loading. This sediment flow eventually is deposited into Arrowhead Mountain Lake and Lake Champlain. This buildup of sediment has come from various anthropogenic sources over the past few decades.

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