3D Technology Used to Perform Middle Ear Transplant

A South African doctor and his team successfully pioneered a transplant of a patient’s middle ear using 3D technology to cure his deafness, making it the first in the world. This groundbreaking procedure offers hope to many of those who suffer from loss of hearing.

image of 3D Technology Used to Transplant Middle Ear

3D Technology Used to Transplant Middle Ear

From an article in The Epoch Times.

The first patient to receive the transplant was a 35-year-old man who suffered hearing loss as a result of a car accident that damaged his inner ear, according to a press release by the South African Government. The operation was performed by Professor Mashudu Tshifularo and his team from the University of Pretoria (UP) Faculty of Health at the Steve Biko Academic hospital in Pretoria on March 13. Using 3D technology, he was able to recreate the bones—the hammer, anvil, stirrup, and the ossicles that make up the inner ear, thus replacing the damaged ones.

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Organized Chaos Algorithm Needed for Autonomous Vehicles

This is a guest blog post from Alex Van de Weghe who believes for vehicles to be fully autonomous an “organized chaos” algorithm is needed.

image of organized chaos Algorithm Needed for Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Organized Chaos Algorithm Needed for Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Whenever I see some video about autonomous driving cars it’s always in perfect traffic conditions. Not too many other cars, clear traffic signs on the sidewalk and on the pavement. And I’m sure that a current autonomous driving car will stop for any obstacle that come before it and even do an evasive maneuver if the circumstances a right.

When I see a video of how Lidar has improved over the last years, I am impressed. The depth precision, the color reading of the environment and all this in real time makes it possible for a number of vendor programs to really analyze what’s happening around the vehicle. So, we can say that “seeing” around the car isn’t the biggest problem anymore.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Power Industry

The Electric Power Research Institute, as the name implies is focused on the electric industry. A recent article in the EPRI Journal investigates how drones and artificial intelligence could transform the power system.

Image of Drones and Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Power Industry

Drones and Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Power Industry

From an article by Chris Warren.

Once a subject for science fiction writers, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone mainstream. Today it can be hard to get through a TV commercial break without seeing an ad about how AI is going to transform logistics, healthcare, or even the work of baseball statisticians. Name an industry or a pursuit, and there’s a good chance that someone believes AI is set to revolutionize it.

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Drone Flights Over People – The FAA is too Resrictive

The FAA is working to standardize drone flights over people, which is great news for commercial operators.

Image of Drone Flights Over People

Drone Flights Over People

From a Skyward blog by Matt Fanelli. 4/25/19

In my last article, I gave a quick summary of the notice of proposed rulemaking. The window for comment closed last week; Skyward collaborated with both AUVSI and the Small UAV Coalition on their responses. In our view, the proposed rule is well-intended but we do have some concerns, especially regarding the kinetic thresholds.

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Indonesia Using Lidar UAV to Respond to Earthquake

For the first time ever, Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) is being used to create maps for post-disaster recovery efforts in Indonesia. Terra Drone Indonesia, in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is using drone-mounted LiDAR technology and photogrammetry to create high-resolution maps of impacted areas.

Photo of Terra Drone Indonesia Team

Terra Drone Indonesia Team

From an article in UAS Weekly.

For the city of Palu on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, September 28, 2018, was a day of death and destruction. A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the island and triggered a 3-meter-tall tsunami which swept away houses in Palu. The double disaster left the city facing a long and difficult road to recovery.

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Zipline Uses Drones to Deliver Medicine

Photo of Zipline Drone Being Caught

Zipline Drone Being Caught

I just watched a short interview on Squawk Box with the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo who is using drones to deliver medicine in Africa and soon North Carolina. Truly impressive mission and operation. They are making an important difference in the world using drones.

Zipline was created in 2014 to deliver medicine to those who need it most. Since then, they have built the world’s fastest and most reliable delivery drone, the world’s largest autonomous logistics network, and a truly amazing team.

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Notre Dame Acoustics Were Also Documented

The Notre Dame acoustics are as important to historians as the physical construction. Luckily some forward thinking French acousticians made recordings of the cathedral at the same time that Andrew Tallon was recording the structure.

Photo of Notre Dame Acoustics Recorded by Brian FG Katz in 2013

Notre Dame Acoustics Recorded by Brian FG Katz in 2013

From an article in Ars Technica.

When the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire last month, people found some hope in the news that scientist Andrew Tallon had used laser scanning to create precisely detailed maps of the interior and exterior of the cathedral—an invaluable aid as Paris rebuilds this landmark structure.

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Chinese Researchers Claim Lidar Camera with 45 km Range

With what would seem to be a record for a lidar camera Chinese researchers claim they have an invented a camera that can record images at a distance of 45 km.

Images from Chinese Researchers Develop Long Distance Lidar Camera

Chinese Researchers Develop Long Distance Lidar Camera

From an article in Fossbytes.

Chinese researchers have developed a new Lidar (Light detection and ranging) based camera that can snap photographs of subjects from 45 kilometers away. This is not the first instance of attempts at long-distance photography, but environmental disturbances like pollution hinder capturing subjects beyond a distance.

Zheng-Ping Li and his colleagues from the University of Science and Technology of China have successfully captured subjects from 45 kilometers (28 miles) away in an environment covered with a dense smog.

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SPAR 3D Expo and Conference 2019 Opens in One Week

If you are interested in finding out about the latest developments in reality capture, BIM, AI, AR/VR and more than you need to attend SPAR 3D Expo and Conference. Included this year will be the Younger Geospatial Professional of the Year award and keynote address.

logos for Spar 3D and Expo May 21 - 23

Spar 3D and Expo May 21 – 23

SPAR 3D Expo and Conference opens next Tuesday, May 21 in Anaheim, CA and runs through Thursday, May 23.

New for 2019: SPAR 3D will provide project-specific sessions in which all players involved in a specific project, from asset owner to contractors, will share the tools and processes used for end-to-end project execution.

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TRB AFB80 Summer Meeting has Announced the Agenda

TRB AFB80 is the standing committee focused on Geospatial Data Acquisition Technologies in Design and Construction relating to highway transportation. We will be meeting in Daytona, Fl July 21 – 24, 2019 at the Daytona Hotel.

Images for TRB AFB80 Summer Meeting is July 21-24

TRB AFB80 Summer Meeting is July 21-24

The Transportation Research Board AFB80 Summer meeting will include technical presentations as well as a number of networking events. Topics and demonstrations include: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Mobile/Aerial/Stationary LiDAR, 2022 Datums, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Engineering Automation, Subsurface Utility Engineering, project case studies, and vendor and state DOT updates.

As I have noted in previous years this meeting is a unique opportunity to meet with the key decision makers regarding geomatics and geospatial data acquisition at the state DOTs. This is the “old boy’s network.”

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