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School Safety Enhanced with 3D Laser Scanning

point cloud image of improving school safety

In an effort to enhance school safety, the Hazard City Police Department is set to implement a new technology called a FARO Scanner, HPD Major Zach Miller announced at the Perry County Board of Education meeting on Dec. 19.

From an article in Hazard Herald by Justin Begley.

Miller, an investigation supervisor at the department, has been keeping up with the latest technologies at the Kentucky Criminalistics Academy in Richmond. Miller expressed concern about the department’s technological gap and looks to catch up on the latest techniques and technologies available.

“The academy brings different people from across the state who come and teach about crime scene mapping, latent fingerprints and court documentation with crime scenes,” he said. “The number one thing that concerns me about going to training in Richmond is seeing how far back and behind our police department is as far as technology goes.”

The FARO Scanner, a state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner, is capable of taking 360-degree panoramic photographs for virtual surveying of properties, allowing users to interact with building layouts without physically being inside, according to Miller.

“What we do with the laser scanner is start by putting it in the center of a room, I push a button and leave and the scanner takes millions of points of measurement to scale, as is, so when you pull it up on a computer screen, you’re looking at the room and each point you see is a point of measurement to scale,” said Miller.

Miller highlighted the scanner’s potential uses, particularly for the school system. Miller said he plans to document schools with the scanner to create blueprints, facilitating virtual walkthroughs similar to real estate applications. This technology is seen as an asset for pre-incident planning, enhancing law enforcement response.

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