SnapSkan Laser Scan Tire Check Service

As my brother explained, there’s a fear factor when it comes people and tires. Taking advantage of that Nokian Tyres P.L.C. is expanding the footprint of its SnapSkan digital tire check service in Finland and Norway. This might just catch on.

As you can see in the photo the sensors are mounted in the concrete floor or in this case a parking garage. As you enter or leave the garage a laser scanner records the tread depth of your tire. It then notifies you via smart phone asking if you would like to opt in to the service. If not, your data is removed.

If you are interested then you are provided with a report about the condition of your tires, along with a promotion for a discount on a tire purchase. The service is free.

“Caring and safety are at the core of everything we do,” Nokian Tyres President and CEO Hille Korhonen said.

“SnapSkan is a unique consumer service and it sets us apart from other tire manufacturers. SnapSkan allows us to communicate to the drivers not only the condition of their tires, but also what effects their condition has on road safety in general.”

Ville Nikkola, the program manager responsible for the SnapSkan service at Nokian, said, “We have received a massive amount of positive customer feedback regarding SnapSkan. Eighty percent of the people we interviewed said the service was effortless to use and would recommend it to others. An even more important figure is that 70 percent felt that the service improves road safety.”

The 3D, laser-based scanning technology was developed by Sigmavision Ltd., an Oxford, England-based company.  They also make a handheld version.

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