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Zeb1 U.S. Distributor Update

qntfiI recently caught up with Bill Gutelius at Qntfi, Inc., a long time contributor to Lidar News and a distributor of GeoSLAM Zeb products for the Eastern US and Canada. Bill informed me that Qntfi is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Founded last October, Bill let me know that sales of the Zeb1 are beginning to really get a foothold in the US. Likewise, they are beginning to penetrate Canada in non-mining applications areas such as indoor mapping.

Bill explained that following a LiDAR News review he did of the first version of the Zeb 2 years ago, he was so impressed that he decided to form a company to resell the product in North America. GeoSLAM was established about that time and he subsequently landed an official distributorship with Qntfi, Inc.

According to Bill, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) based scanners are becoming more widely accepted as a means to quickly and cost-effectively map indoor areas and GPS-poor or denied areas. “While the Zeb1 is not quite as accurate as a traditional static scanner, the Zeb1 provides a very useful alternative where rapid 3D information is required, especially in a multi-level environment like buildings and underground mines.” said Gutelius. He continued, “We also see major manufacturers such as Leica adding SLAM-based tools to their line-card. There are many entrants with cart-based versions as well, such as Viametris.” Gutelius believes that the future for SLAM is very bright.

Gutelius reported that there have been recent product developments at GeoSLAM. Apparently they have introduced the ZEB-REVO for release in early 2016. According to Gutelius, this will be a game-changer as the Zeb will now be able to be mounted to a vehicle – ground AND airborne. Looks like things are going to get busy for GeoSLAM and Qntfi.

Congrats Bill!

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