Younger Geospatial Professionals, Meet Older Geo Pros

We have a great mix started on the LinkedIn group of Younger Geospatial Professionals (YGPs) and “older geospatial professionals” (OGPs). As a result, I would like to invite and encourage both groups to provide your thoughts on how this co-mingling of age groups can benefit the 3D geospatial industry.

Photo of rock fall Force of Younger Geospatial Professionals

That’s the Force of Younger Geospatial Professionals

If you are no longer qualified to be a member of the Younger Geospatial Professionals (35 and under) this is truly your chance to give back to the profession by positively influencing the entire group, or just someone that works for you, or who you may know. Stop, take the time to encourage and perhaps most importantly of all – listen. The YGPs tell me that they are thrilled that someone is treating them as the future of the geospatial profession.

Perhaps the OGPs could take a few minutes to introduce themselves and then share their thoughts on the importance of Younger Geospatial Professionals.

At the same time if you are a YGP this could be your chance to present your ideas about how the industry can do a better job of attracting young people to the variety of geospatial professions that are in need of new talent.

Lidar News wants to remind you that we are also highlighting YGPs in our “Spotlight Interview Series.” Please contact if you are interested in sharing your career experiences.

To become a member of the YGP LinkedIn group click here.

And be sure to stay tuned as we have a number of exciting initiatives that we are working on.

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