Year Up – A Program to Address the Opportunity Divide

I spent five plus hours in my car today. I heard two attention grabbing reports. The first involved an in-depth study on the potential effects of climate change (too political and scary) and the second an inside look at Year Up.

(From earlier this year)

Year Up logo

Year Up

If you are still with me and are asking what does Year Up have to do with 3D laser scanning and lidar my answer is – everything! Particularly if have been following our efforts to support and develop Younger Geospatial Professionals – YGPs.

This is an amazing story of what can and is being done by the Year Up team to change people’s lives, 4,000 at a time.

Gerald Chertavian is dedicated to closing the Opportunity Divide that exists in our nation. Determined to make his vision a reality, Gerald combined his entrepreneurial skills and his passion for working with urban young adults to found Year Up in 2000.With its annual operating budget in excess of $130M, Year Up is one of the fastest growing non-profits in the nation. It has been recognized by Fast Company and The Monitor Group as one of the top 25 organizations using business excellence to engineer social change. Year Up has also been named one of the nation’s top 50 non-profits to work for by the Non-Profit Times for the past seven years.

To understand what Gerald and his team are doing to close the Opportunity Divide have a look at this video.

Now our challenge is to leverage this effort in each of our local regions to change the lives of thousands of young people. The good news is there are a number of chapters spread across the U.S. For more information click here.

Note – If you liked this post click here to stay informed of all of the 3D laser scanning, geomatics, UAS, autonomous vehicle, Lidar News and more. If you have an informative 3D video that you would like us to promote, please forward to and if you would like to join the Younger Geospatial Professional movement click here.

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