Year in Infrastructure 2018 Starts with Media Day

Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure 2018 conference kicks off in London on Monday with typically more than 100 members of the press in attendance.

graphic for Year in Infrastructure 2018

Year in Infrastructure 2018

Jurors met today to go over their selections and lobby for their favorite projects. In the case of the three categories that I am involved with, the voting is amazingly close, considering the number of projects that were submitted.

Greg and Keith Bentley will be joined by CTO Bhupinder Singh and key strategic partners in a press conference format to get things started. This will be followed by four concurrent press briefings in the following areas – Building and Construction, Road and Rail, Utilities and Government and Oil/Gas, Process and Power. Bentley certainly covers an impressive array of high impact markets.

In the afternoon their will be individual press interviews with product experts, strategic partners and Year in Infrastructure 2018 awards finalists. This will be followed by a social event that will be held at the Institution of Civil Engineers which has a very impressive facility we have been told.

The official open of the Year in Infrastructure 2018 conference will take place on Tuesday with two keynotes and industry forums on topics including Digital Cities, Industrial, Rail and Transit, Roads and Bridges and much more.The jurors will have an opportunity to meet with the finalists.

There will be luncheon presentations, an all afternoon Geotechnical Roundtable and an evening reception where there will be plenty of opportunity for networking with some of the leading consulting firms in the world.

For more information on the Year in Infrastructure 2018 conference click here and I hope to see many of you.

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