World’s Most Powerful LiDAR Chip

I had an inkling about this a few months ago, but I did not really have any of the details so it did not make sense for me to comment. According to this article in the MIT Technology Review the military has developed a high powered LiDAR chip that can capture data at rates which are orders of magnitude faster than what is commercially available today.

Do you recall the single photon blog from a couple of weeks ago? Well that was not just theory.

According to the article, “At the heart of the new imaging system is a microchip bearing the largest-ever array of pixels that detect just one photon apiece—more than 16,384 pixels in all. The array of pixels, when paired with optical lenses, allows imaging of wider areas. “Arrays of these single-photon detectors are able to map wide areas very quickly,” Fried says.

Now thanks to Brent Gelhar for the heads up – truly fascinating and exciting.

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  1. Josan Blythe says:

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