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Pacific Coast Surveys, Inc. (PCS) worked with Kuker-Ranken, a supplier of GeoCue products and Microdrones (our sister company,) to enhance their surveying business by working smarter with drone LiDAR. Special thanks to the team at Kuker-Ranken for sharing this question-and-answer session from PCS.

From GeoCue.

PCS recently acquired the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000HR, increasing their flexibility and output capability to their clients, using point clouds for Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models, and contours, in addition to capturing all elements of the project, used for not only PCS products but a benefit to all contractors on site.

The mdLiDAR1000HR is a fully integrated system, delivered with training for mission planning, flight execution, software processing, and project output or transfer of data to other leading applications designed for the AEC and Survey industries.

PCS offers many services ranging from aerial LiDAR scanning to As-Built surveys, topos to land development surveys, ALTA’s, stakeout-layout, boundaries, and other deliverables.

Kuker Ranken had the opportunity to catch up with Darren and Derek Riddle of PCS and ask a few questions about their business and the latest technology acquisition in the mdLiDAR1000HR. Derek is the Drone Project manager, and Darren is one of the firm’s Professional Land Surveyors (PLS).

Tell us a little about PCS. “We started in early 2004 after working in the survey industry since 1986. We do all types of surveying but have been doing a lot of development work in the past 10 years or so. Starting with the initial mapping and boundary of the sites, we then move on to construction support and then as-constructed mapping. We then deliver the final plan.

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