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Wingtra CEO Boosfeld on the Future of VTOL UAS

The Wingtra UAS vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) may make small, fixed wing  drones obsolete.

(Editor’s Note – The following is from a recent interview with Maximilian Boosfeld, CEO.)

Photo of Wingtra One UAS

Wingtra One UAS

Wingtra started as an ambitious research project called Pacflyer. Basil Weibel, our current CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), and Sebastian Verling, now senior software engineer, were working on it at Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart’s Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. The aim of their project was to build a new generation drone that would overcome limitations seen in current drone solutions.

Basil and Sebastian along with Elias Kleimann and myself shared an idea of making a global, positive impact. Therefore, when the initial research was over, we decided to join forces and make the idea come alive.

We wanted our drone to carry the most valuable goods on Earth, and then we realized that aerial data has the best ratio of value per weight. This epiphany was the motivation behind assembling the team and creating Wingtra.

We certainly consider Wingtra a success. After all, we managed to overachieve the revenue targets of 2017, the same trend followed to the first quarters of the year 2018. The key markets that we’re focusing on are surveying and mining. Besides this, we also have use cases in precision agriculture, environmental research and more.
Wingtra Today

Wingtra has grown to become an international company with distribution partners in all the continents (except Antarctica). Our customers have completed more than 1,000 flights and the interest in the industry is continuing to increase at a rapid pace.

As well, I see us on track to fulfill our very early goal of delivering high accuracy data — robustly and efficiently. Now our drone WingtraOne collects thousands of gigabytes of aerial data when used by mapping professionals in applications that range from surveying and mining to wildlife monitoring.

We see several other companies that are doing VTOL drones, however most of them are not in the same market (surveying and mapping) or are too premature. We can confidently say that right now we are the global leader in the VTOL drone market.

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