Will Tesla Eventually Use LiDAR?

tesla_model_s_indoors_trimmedYou can’t stop the Tesla news machine. Last week Tesla announced that every new Tesla is equipped with self-driving technology which prompted a flood of response. Forbes Magazine posed the question, “Is 2016 Tech Good Enough For Next Decade?” saying, “It’s good to be first; being too early, not so much.”

The Forbes article goes on to discuss what has become a hot debate in the autonomous vehicle industry – Musk’s unusual choice not to use LiDAR as a part of Tesla’s self-driving technology.  The quote in the article I found most compelling was from Nidhi Kalra, a robotics PhD from Carnegie Mellon – “Cameras just aren’t that good at detecting under all kinds of conditions, and if you haven’t trained a camera on a particular obstacle your perception software may not recognize that obstacle and know whether it’s there or not, benign or not. LiDAR will tell you.”

The saying goes, any press is good press, but this week it seems Tesla may fare better from another saying – no news is good news. Stock market pundits such as Colin Langan are labeling Tesla as a “sell” due to the premature technology.

So the question remains – if Tesla carries on, will they end up using LiDAR technology in their cars? We’ve put up a poll at LiDAR News posing this question. Let’s see what you think.

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