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bim-article-wordleI think this is the direction that most software is headed.

FARO announced the achievement of another milestone in cloud-based as-built data management with the release of version 2.0 of its well-known web hosting service, SCENE WebShare Cloud. SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 is the first cloud based software unleashing the power of fluid 3D viewing of 3D laser scan data within a simple and easy to use website.

For applications within the fields of BIM, architecture, and construction information management (CIM), user-friendly access to reliable as-is information of buildings, plants and construction sites is essential. Users also need immediate access to this data at the office, on the job-site or in transit.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 provides easy-to-use 3D viewing of as-built data over the Internet. No dedicated software or hardware is needed and it can be used on almost any modern mobile device, including tablet computers and smart phones. With an Internet connection and a web browser being the only access requirements,

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  • Hello,

    I am curious to find out if data collected by a UAV, using LiDAR, of a building / facility under construction be transferred back to an IFC design to capture deviations and thus prepare an as-built.

    UAV will be equivalent of a surveyor trying to capture actual construction and updating the Auto CAD design


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