Webinar Series Begins Today

At 1:00 PM EDT today we will kickoff the LiDAR News Webinar Series with Ken Smerz presenting his valuable insights on “Making Money with the Speed of Light.” As the title indicates this event will focus on the business of laser scanning, not on technical issues. Thanks to FARO for sponsoring this educational event. You can still register here.

As a sneak peek I wanted to share a few stats from the registrations:

  1. More than 70% expect their business to grow in 2014 with almost 25% seeing that growth as robust – very encouraging.
  2. Just 50% currently own a scanner.
  3. 60% of the firms have less than 20 employees.
  4. About 50% are in the survey and engineering business.

I hope you can join us and if you have an idea for a webinar please let me know. We will be making the slides and the webinar available at the LiDAR News website in the next few days. I will post the links here.

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