Wearable LiDAR

Is it just me or does it seem like the pace of 3D innovation is approaching warp speed? Man, it is hard to keep up with this. Maybe it’s that everyone is back from summer holidays. I don’t know, but thanks to Bill Gutelius for the head’s up, I think.

Now the robotic guys at MIT have developed a wearable LiDAR that also includes a modified Kinect, to keep the cost down I assume. This is a SLAM – simultaneous location and mapping device that uses a MicroStrain inertial sensor to account and compensate for the wearer’s gait.

In this ZD Net article they also claim to be able to handle multiple floors using a barometer. End goal is to make this prototype into a handheld unit for emergency responders. Anyone doubt they can do it?

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  1. Joe Evans says:

    I wouldn’t doubt their ability to do this considering how prevalent “crowd-sourced” mobile mapping is becoming mixed with smaller, faster, automatic, and autonomous point-cloud processing.

    Imagine–that video was made with the current generation of Kinect. We can only speculate that it’s going to get much, much better in the very near future.

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