Waymo Seeking $1 Billion

Here’s the latest update on the Waymo vs. Uber lidar lawsuit as reported by Joe Mullin:

The lawsuit began in February, when Waymo accused Anthony Levandowski, the chief of Uber’s self-driving car project, of stealing more than 14,000 files shortly before he resigned from Google. Levandowski, who is not a defendant in the case, has pleaded the Fifth Amendment and avoided answering questions about the accusations. Uber denies that any secrets ended up on the company’s servers and says its lidar technology was built independently.

Waymo insists that its trade secrets are in fact being used by Uber. Earlier this week, Waymo filed a motion seeking to force Uber to produce its lidar source code so that Waymo lawyers could scour it and compare it to Waymo’s code. The judge overseeing the case hasn’t ruled on that motion. The case is currently scheduled for trial in December.

Waymo lawyers have stated in court that they intend to seek up to $1.86 billion if a trial takes place. Still, the reported $1 billion settlement demand contrasts with Waymo’s public statements about the case, which have downplayed the money at stake. Waymo has emphasized that it simply wants Uber to stop using its trade secrets. A Waymo attorney made that point again to Reuters, saying that “Waymo had one goal: to stop Uber from using its trade secrets.”

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