3D Modeling Technology

VR Using Natural World Content

breerMost of what you experience with Virtual Reality (VR) is computer generated. Luke Farrer and Michael Breer are intrepid explorers who hope to raise awareness for amazing places in the world that most of us will never see.

They are integrating a number of existing technologies in order to create content that is compelling to the viewer in a way that is different than any of the technologies independent of one another.  It’s yet another way in which a given place, in their case, dramatic terrestrial landscapes, can be reproduced or even experienced.   Michael notes, “I liken this to photography because photography does have the ability to transport you to the place.  The difference:  what we’re producing has a very close spatial resemblance to the actual place.  So much so that hydrologists at University of New South Wales are using one of our models for flash flood analysis.”

They are eager and excited to engage the LIDAR community.  As They noted at the Hexagon conference in 2014, LIDAR is a critical component in the formation of their models.  Michael noted, “We will be hosting an exhibition at the Cambridge Innovation Center on June 23, from 5 to 8 PM and would be very pleased to see members of the LIDAR community there.  Wall projections and explorable environments through the Oculus Rift will be showcased.  Please RSVP through Eventbrite if you would like to join.”


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