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Vision of a Younger Geospatial Student

image of Vision of a Younger Geospatial Student
Vision of a Younger Geospatial Student

Lucas Antunes is quick to tell you that he loves the Eastern Shore, and he has a vision for enhancing his adopted community. He wants to create opportunities and deliver innovations that are inspired by the natural beauty and resources of the Shore.

From an article in ESCC News.

Just shy of an architectural degree from his home in Brazil, Lucas opted to move to the U.S. with his wife Ashley, who is from the Shore, and their young daughter, Tuli.

Lucas grew up surrounded by a love split between art and technology. His father was an electrical engineer in Brazil who worked on construction projects of hydroelectric power plants. He helped cement Lucas’s early learnings towards technology by encouraging Lucas to build computers from spare parts, explore the Linux operating system, and ultimately writing his own software.

He felt very much like he had come full circle with a parallel universe when he encountered Professor John Floyd and the electronics program at Your Eastern Shore Community College. John says, “Lucas is both bright and hardworking. Every teacher appreciates that kind of student.”

In addition to getting started at ESCC he also secured a position at New Ravenna, where his architectural studies proved helpful in becoming an operations analyst. There he worked on conceptualizing projects.

And he immersed himself in the natural resources and historic occupations on the Shore. For example, he spent two years clamming and oystering, which he continues to do on a small scale, and also working on construction projects between studies. Lucas was still able to carve out enough time to achieve status as a U.S. citizen, work part-time at the Island House Restaurant, and volunteer for Eastern Shore’s Own Art Center in Belle Haven.

However, it was a chance meeting with Joe Betit of Pungoteague, a retired professional with a broad background in global construction, surveying, and international finance, that served as the impetus to align all of Lucas’ varied experiences into a focused goal for the future.

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