VirtualGrid Releases VRMesh v10.0

In many cases what people are looking for are surfaces, such as pavement, curb, sidewalk not millions of random 3D points. Manually fitting a surface to a point cloud requires experience and time. VirtualGrid has been working on automating the creation of surfaces and break lines from point clouds with impressive results.

Their software, VRMesh is best known for its unique point cloud classification method, extensive feature extraction functions, and accurate triangular meshing capabilities. With this new release, Version 10.0 they have added a Construction Module that enables you to automatically fit polygonal surface to noisy point clouds for detecting road edges, curbs, traffic barriers, tunnels and more.

The new Construction Module contains the following features:

  • Fit a polygonal curb/edge/pipe to point clouds
  • Create a polygonal surface by fitting profile to point clouds
  • Create break lines automatically
  • Extract planes from point clouds to create a low-poly building
  • Remove small parts from point clouds to get desired surface points

These surfaces can be exported to Microstation and AutoCAD to support design calculations and improvements. You can download the software for a free 30 day trial.


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