A Virtual Reality Art Experience Courtesy of LiDAR

Credit: York Press - Annabeth Robinson's artwork for Vespertine

Credit: York Press – Annabeth Robinson’s artwork for Vespertine

This is one of the coolest LiDAR applications I have read about this week. A church in York, England has been scanned to create a virtual reality experience. This project, a part of the York Vespertine series, bridges art, archeology, music and the technology of LiDAR.  AOC Archeology Group is responsible for the scans; artist Annabeth Robinson and musician Jez Wells worked with these scans to create a unique virtual experience for visitors.

“The AOC Archaeology Group, from York, has used laser-scanning technology to record millions of pinpoint measurements of St Margaret’s Church and this information will be transformed into a virtual reality journey that visitors can experience using smartphones and VR goggles.” – (Courtesy of the York Press)

Visitors are even encouraged to use a sound beam and light controller to alter the environment in the church, creating their own work of art for others to experience.

Wishing we could all experience this one in person. Friday field trip?


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