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Velodyne’s Calibrated Reflectivity Lands Major Order

Velodyne recently announced that their  “Calibrated Reflectivity” data measured with the company’s 360° HDL-32E LiDAR sensors helps with localizing license plates, street signs and lane markings within 2D pictures and surround video data. Knowing the location of the street signs and license plates in the 2D video data allows for automation of the post-processing, resulting in shorter process times and significant cost savings.

As a result of the enhanced sensor technology, Velodyne reported that the LiDAR division has received a significant follow-up order for its popular HDL-32E multi-channel LiDAR sensor. The technology will be deployed worldwide in a complex mobile mapping application using hundreds of Velodyne sensors.

“This is a major win, building on our successful relationship with a company that already operates a worldwide fleet of mobile mapping vehicles,” said Wolfgang Juchmann, Director of Sales and Marketing, Velodyne LiDAR. Looks like that DARPA Challenge thing is paying off.

Want to take a guess who this company might be?

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