Velodyne Raises the Bar

Velodyne has just announced an important new sensor – the VLS – 128 and as you can see from the photo it represents a major improvement to the original HDL – 64 form factor. Not only is it smaller and lighter, Velodyne claims that it has the world’s best resolution, longest range, and widest field of view. All of this aimed at meeting the demands of the driverless vehicle market for better information needed to support highway speeds.

The VLS-128 is being produced in Velodynes’s new Megafactory using a proprietary fully automatic laser alignment and manufacturing system. This is resulting in drastic reductions in cost. President Marta Hall adds, “We are getting the cost down. It is already dramatically reduced, and more so when ordered at higher volumes. Into the future, LiDAR will be affordable and put on cars worldwide for safety and autonomy.”

As the new Ford commercials claim, “The new F-150 doesn’t raise the bar, it is the bar.” It’s an impressive accomplishment.

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