Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR on UAV

It may not be the most elegant design, but they say it works. Velodyne has mounted their HDL-32E on a UAV – pretty interesting. There are more details on this proof of concept in this article. The consequences of failure are a lot more significant in this case than a 2 pixel camera.




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  1. Wolfgang Juchmann says:

    Here is the link to the point cloud from the proof of concept flight in San Diego.

  2. Wolfgang Juchmann says:

    ….and here is the link to the movie that shows the setup, the flight and the 3D data captured:


  3. Please note that the YouTube video has been updated:

  4. Bill Gutelius says:

    The fact that you can operate the UAV as a “mobile mapper” on a truck strikes me as very innovative. I can imagine mobile mapping jobs where suddenly building canyons and ground occlusions are no longer an issue – just drive where you can, then send the UAV airborne to collect the rest. Well done Phoenix.

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