John Russo and a dedicated group of people are working on developing the USIBD -U.S. Institute of Building Documentation. John’s company Architectural Resource Consultants specializes in this kind of work, which caused him to invest a lot of time and hard work to develop and promote the USIBD.

The main issue is the lack of a professional group who can promote best practices in the documentation of existing buildings. As a person with both land and construction survey experience I can tell you that surveying buildings requires a unique set of skills, which in many cases is not appreciated by architects, owners and contractors. This article provides additional insight.

If you are involved in this kind of work I urge you to take a look at joining the USIBD. As the Chair of the Education committee I can assure you that all of the members would welcome your input and support in 2013. This is an opportunity for the surveying profession to step up.

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