USIBD Symposium 2017 Next Week

The 2017 USIBD Symposium is being held next week November 6 – 8 in conjunction with the BIM Forum in Dallas, TX. Here are some of the presentations:

• “New and Exciting Methods for Documenting & Analyzing Buildings”, Philip Lorenzo, Struction Site
• “Evil BIM” vs. “Smart Lean BIM”, Clive Jordan, LOD Planner
• “AR/VR”, Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik, LLC
• “Tool or Toy? Where does Reality Capture Become ‘Real'”, Cindy Baldwin, VDCO Tech, Inc.
• “Finding and Retaining Reality Capture Talent”, Sam Billingsly, Ragan-Smith Associates
• “Scanner Shoot-out”, Andy Holroyd, HTS Advanced Solutions & Michael Raphael, Direct Dimensions
• “Intent Defines Process: use the right process for the project”, Joseph P. Romano, Langan
• “Scanning 101: Scan School”, Ken Smerz and Ted Mort of Eco3D
• “LOA V.3.0 Training”, John M. Russo, AIA ARC, and Kevin Kianka, HAAG 3D Solutions

You can register here.


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