USIBD Surveys Industry on Standards

On March 7, 2017 the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) will publish a Cornerstone™ Report Survey to our membership and industry partners on the State of the Industry, regarding Standards.

Here is the link for the survey:

Stakeholders in all areas of Building Documentation are encouraged to take the survey.  The results will help the Building Documentation community to better understand the needs and concerns of those responsible for the actual construction aspect of the building process, who typically have a strong influence in deciding whether or not a project will set aside a budget for building documentation to occur in the first place.

USIBD urges everyone to please take the survey, and to share it with everyone in your network in order to encourage greater input for the results of the survey.

All who contribute to this survey are eligible to receive a copy of the Cornerstone™ Report, whether you are a member of USIBD or not.  Choose this option at the end of the survey.

We thank you for your participation. Should you have any questions about this survey or any of the Cornerstone™ Reports, please contact us at

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