USIBD Cornerstone Report No. 10 Released

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce the publication of the tenth Cornerstone Report, focused on Software, and how the industry perceives the leading products – now as compared to three years ago – the last time they surveyed on software for a Cornerstone Report.

According to John Russo, USIBD President, “This survey revealed some exciting trends in the adoption of Building Documentation technologies. You will learn whether the current software offering is meeting the needs of the industry. In addition, you will find answers to questions asking whether we are satisfied with the current state of interoperability of software, and who among us is really qualified to operate the software. Respondents also indicated their preference for the value of both software maintenance and the big question of whether to “rent” or “own.”

Certainly worth a look and thanks to the USIBD and all involved.



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