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USGS Lidar Topography Seminar

usgsAbstract – Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) has become the dominant technology for topographic mapping. The significant improvements in spatial resolution, vertical accuracy, and most dramatically, relative accuracy of lidar data has enormous impact on the hydrology/hydrography community, making it possible to map features from lidar data that previously required costly field surveys.

This seminar which takes place Thursday May 19, at 2 PM EDT will present a brief overview of lidar technology and terminology to establish a common understanding of these topics. Particular emphasis will be placed on those topics and concepts that relate to the reintegration of hydrography (namely the NHD) and the new generation of lidar-derived topographic data.

Connections are limited, and you will need to register to attend these seminars. Please visit https://usgs.webex.com/usgs/k2/j.php?MTID=t77527ced4f55db6240228936ad2aa20e to sign up.

Source: USGS

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