USGS CLICK Bulletin Board Will Be Disabled on May 9

I received this message today – “We regret to inform you that the CLICK Bulletin Board will be disabled due to Department of Interior security mandates until further notice.

Access to the bulletin board will be disabled beginning on May 9th, 2012 We apologize for any inconvenience but are working to resolve the issue.”

The CLICK Team

Does anyone have any more info?

I just heard that this is a security issue, not funding. Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to USGS CLICK Bulletin Board Will Be Disabled on May 9

  1. Karl Heidemann, USGS says:

    The headline here is misleading.

    CLICK is NOT being disabled.

    Only the Bulletin Board.

    A correction to the headline would be appreciated.

  2. Chris McGlone says:

    I assume that this is the continuing fallout of Interior’s failure in maintaining records of oil leases on Indian lands?

  3. This is a bummer. The LiDAR CLICK bulletin board (in it’s current form) is not only wonderful resource but also a record of LiDAR history. Is there anything the community can do about this …?

  4. Hello,

    now that the USGS EROS has followed through on their announcement to disable the CLICK LiDAR bulletin board that used to be here

    I am a bit in a state of shock. I assumed they would just temporarily disable the bulletin board for posting additional content or disable personal profiles until whatever security issue that was cited was resolved but instead they took all content offline. This content represents the “collective memory” of the LiDAR community of the past 6 years (or more) and captured – among many other things – the history of the LAS format and the story of LAStools.

    Since mid 2006, the USGS bulletin board had, for example, been used by the ASPRS to discuss the LAS specifications after the committee decided to abandon a yahoo group that had previously served this purpose. If you check the old yahoo site you will see that it redirects people to the CLICK bulletin board:

    While the content of the yahoo group is still accessible, all the history on the CLICK bulletin board is now gone. And there used to be a *TON* of interesting discussions and questions & answers there that you can still find via Web searches:

    Often I could just point someone who was asking me a question to a particular topic on the CLICK bulletin board that provided a lengthy discussions and several opinions on the issue in question. And off course, through my LAStools effort I was and still am personally very invested into the content on the CLICK bulletin board. The CLICK bulletin board was where I announced the first version the LASlib read/write API in April of 2007 and where I would – for the following five years – regularly announce the latest LAStools updates.

    Not to mention the interesting discussion from 2007 on “floating point in LAS 2.0”, the less known discussion from 2009 on forward compatibility in LAS 1.3, and – last but certainly not least – the more recent and infamous discussion on forward compatibility in LAS 1.4 also known as “the laser war of 2011” … (-;“1.3”“1.4”

    This is content is an incredible resource for the entire community. I am hoping we can bring back it back as soon as possible – at least as in read-only mode – and then move it somewhere else where the discussions can continue. This is – to best of my knowledge – the current state of affairs:

    Jason Stoker and Karl Heidemann (both Physical Scientist at USGS EROS and big time contributors to the CLICK content) aren’t really sure what will happen either. Within the USGS EROS the bulletin board has moved to another team and they are working through these “privacy issues” now. They may decide that there are just too many privacy issues to fix with the current bulletin board, so they will not be able to turn the board back on. The content is still there right now and they don’t want all that information we have collected over the years to disappear. So apparently they are also looking at other ways to make what has been collected there at least available.

    The latest news are that I received is an email from Ryan Longhenry (USGS EROS Long-Term Archive Data Management Specialist) saying that he does not have an answer for me right now and that they are currently looking at whether or not steps can be taken to get the bulletin board back up while still meeting the requirements. If they cannot make this happen, they will do their best to retain the content and make it available to the public sometime in the future.

    The “sometime in the future” is a bit vague. Every day numerous Web searches will no longer find the insightful information assembled on the CLICK bulletin board. The LiDAR community is a field that is evolving very fast, so we need to politely ask the USGS EROS team to move quickly before our “collective memory” has faded … (-:

    I believe that the folks that can move this forward are Ryan Longhenry (USGS EROS Long-Term Archive Data Management Specialist), Wayne Miller (USGS/EROS Data Center), and Jordan Menig (USGS EROS CLICK coordinator). I hope they can provide us with an update soon.


    Martin @lastools

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