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Update on FAA UAS Exemption

I asked Trimble whether the people who purchase a UAV would be covered under their recent FAA exemption. The answer was no.

The noted, “In the near term, Trimble will use this exemption to begin conducting research activities, sales demonstrations, and flight training with our partners and customers within the US. We will also initiate commercial activity as we pursue follow on steps with the FAA.

In addition, we are working to determine how this exemption might be further leveraged to help our partners and customers. With Trimble’s authorization in place, we can directly support their needs where that is appropriate. Our customers and partners will also be able to apply for authorization to operate our UAS under the conditions of our exemption. We believe that these authorizations will be available on a more streamlined basis now that Trimble has received its exemption. We will communicate to our partners and customers as more information is available.”

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