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jumboDuring the keynotes at Riegl Lidar 2015 the major emphasis was on ULS – Unmanned Laser Scanning systems. It is always best to be number 1 in your category and to insure that, sometimes you need to create a new category. The VUX-1 is now available in two new optimized models – the VUX-1HA for high accuracy and the VUX-1LR for long range. There are a number of companies that are incorporating the VUX-1 into their UAV platforms.

On the mobile front Riegl announced the VMQ-450 a single scanner system that will be more compact and economical.

Riegl continues to maintain their leadership role when it comes to technology with an impressive line-up of hardware, software and senior people.

The event itself is one of the best user conferences that I have ever attended. Congratulations to Johannes Riegl, Susan Licari and their team for what feels more like a guided tour at times than just another user conference. Last night we had an 11 course Chinese dinner at the Jumbo and tonight we are off to mainland China for two days.


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