UK Government Awards Police 2.7 Million Pounds for Laser Scanner Purchases

The UK’s Department of Transport announced today that they were awarding police forces a total of 2.7 million pounds for the purchase of laser scanners. This is in order to tackle the problem of motorway closures as a result of auto and truck accidents. The awards are to cover about 70% of the whole life cost (3 years).

With the 2012 Olympics taking place in London in just a few months the government wants to do whatever it can to minimize traffic problems on the surrounding road network. It looks like there will be a total of 37 scanners purchased. It will be a mix of Riegl VZ-400’s and Leica C10’s.

That will certainly help to get the New Year started in the right direction, which reminds me – Happy New Year to All! Have fun, be safe and my prediction is that 2012 is going to surprise everyone to the upside.

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