UK’s Environment Agency Makes Lidar Available

Credit - Environment Agency

Credit – Environment Agency

The UK’s Environment Agency has been collecting lidar data to help with flood modelling and to monitor coastal erosion. They have recently announced that 175,000 square kilometres of land has been made available to the public. The ‘point cloud’ data has been collected over the course of the past 18 years, and covers over 75 per cent of England.

In January, start-up Emu Analytics used the open point cloud LIDAR data to develop an interactive map enabling people to see the heights of buildings across London. More recently, the company has expanded that map to include the top 25 urban areas in England.

“It is superb for start-ups like us that the Environment Agency is making its LIDAR point cloud available as open data,” said Jonathan Smith, head of Data Insight at Emu Analytics.

“Point cloud data is a step up in terms of the level of detail we can achieve in modelling infrastructure and the natural environment. We are able to define the shapes of buildings and vegetation and even discover temporary infrastructure, such as cranes.”

“With the detail that point cloud provides we will be able to open up new use cases and offerings such as providing clutter data for line-of-site broadband companies or calculating the shadows nearby buildings would cast on a proposed array of solar panels.”


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3 Responses to UK’s Environment Agency Makes Lidar Available

  1. Nurunnabi says:

    Thanks for providing LiDAR data free.
    Could please provide the link where we can get the data.

  2. Gobinath says:

    please update the link so that researchers and academicians can do some sample works to understand well. thank you.

  3. K. Krajewski says:

    Data is available in tiled format from this website:

    However it appears that actual processed LiDAR isn’t available everywhere, but just the composite DTM and DSM products.

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