UAV – Based Magnetometer Firm Acquired

drone__20160203120903_ZHThis is the first time that I have heard of this UAV application, but it makes a lot of sense.

Alta Vista Ventures (AVV-CSE) announces the signing of a Binding Letter of Intent to purchase a 100% interest in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) division of Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd (“Pioneer”).

The UAV division of Pioneer specializes in providing UAV solutions to the mining and exploration industry and has successfully completed aerial surveys throughout Canada, the United States and internationally for both major and junior mining and exploration companies.

In late 2014, Pioneer developed the world’s first commercially available UAV based magnetometer survey called UAV-Aero Mag (trademarked). This proprietary survey uses ultra-sensitive magnetic equipment to aid in the discovery of diamonds, gold, silver and other types of deposits.

There are many competitive advantages to UAV based magnetometer surveys, of which the key one is not having to rely on helicopters – a significant cost saving to the client. Surveys can be flown at much lower elevations and at much closer line spacing than conventional surveys, enabling the delivery of much higher quality exploration data. Further, a UAV flies at a much slower speed than a helicopter and it is believed that that adds to much more detailed data. Additional cost savings that get passed on the client stem from the system’s portability; the entire system can be transported anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of a conventional airborne magnetic survey system. This allows for surveys in very remote settings and in extreme conditions.

Another area of specialization includes UAV based LiDAR surveying. LiDAR (an acronym of Light Detection And Ranging) is becoming a more popular tool for mining and exploration companies as it gives a very accurate representation of topography, even in heavily forested areas. Many junior exploration companies attracted to LiDAR surveys do not undertake surveys due to the cost of helicopter based surveys. Alta Vista believes that cost effective UAV based LiDAR surveys utilizing Pioneer’s proprietary UAV mounted system will become much more popular with junior exploration companies. As a division of Alta Vista, management will be able to quote on industrial and urban contacts – an as yet under-utilized use of this technology.


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  1. Chad Souter says:

    UAVs and LiDAR are like the peanut butter and jelly of the surveying world. They just go together:

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