UAS Product Lines Being Developed

overview_dragonMaybe I missed these product developments in the overall din that surrounds the UAS industry, but in putting together the AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference preview I could not help but notice that Leica Geosystems and Topcon are both investing heavily in UAS products.

Leica Geosystems has a dedicated website that highlights the benefits of their rotary wing platforms including the heavy duty Dragon 50 and the smaller Aibot X6.

Leica states, β€œThe Aibot X6 offers a unique combination of autonomous flying robot, highly accurate sensors and intelligent software for the most accurate flight planning and data analysis. Designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, the lightweight and innovative six-propeller design is easily controlled with a tablet PC and provides incredible results, day in and day out.”

The Topcon line of UAS solutions includes the Sirius Pro- a fixed-wing aircraft for the most accurate automated mapping of a wide range of applications and sites, regardless of terrain. New to the line is the Falcon 8 β€” powered by Ascending Technologies β€”, available in two models: GeoEXPERT and InspectionPRO. The InspectionPRO is designed for inspection and monitoring, while the GeoEXPERT is used for construction site mapping applications.

The specialty UAS platform builders will have to reckon with these formidable competitors once the FAA opens up the U.S. airspace.

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