Two More Auto Lidar Firms Emerge From Stealth Mode

Autonomous car lidar start-ups have to be one of the hottest niche markets for venture capitalists, at least in Silicon Valley. One has to wonder where all of the senior talent is coming from to staff these ventures and more importantly, when the bubble is going to burst.

Innovusion, a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, emerged out of stealth mode this week and is introducing its ground-breaking, image grade LiDAR technology with the following industry leading features and functionality:

1. Resolution: provides near picture quality with over 300 lines of resolution and several hundred pixels in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions.
2.Range: detects both light and dark objects at distances up to 150 meters away which allows cars to react and make decisions at freeway speeds and during complex driving situations.
3.Sensor fusion: fuses LiDAR raw data with camera video in the hardware layer which dramatically reduces latency, increases computing efficiency and creates a superior sensor experience.
4.Accessibility: enables a compact design which allows for easy and flexible integration without impairing vehicle aerodynamics.

Innovusion’s products leverage components available from mature supply chain partners, enabling fast time-to-market, affordable pricing and mass production.

Ouster Inc., a San Francisco-based hardware startup backed by $27 million in funding, also launched this week from stealth mode to carve out a niche for itself in the crowded LiDAR market.

Ouster offers a compact LiDAR system called OS1. Shaped like a flat cylinder, the device weighs just 250 grams and “matches the resolution of the highest performing automotive LiDAR technology” in the industry, according to the startup. The details on its website suggest that this refers to the HDL-64E model from market leader Velodyne LiDAR Inc.

The only thing hotter than auto lidar is bitcoin.


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