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Turnkey High Accuracy Survey Delivered

point cloud of Delivering turnkey high accuracy surveys
Delivering turnkey high accuracy surveys

Surveyors tasked with collecting and analyzing data from the field can face a myriad of challenges. From inclement weather to uneven terrain, paired with the added inefficiencies of inputting and then analyzing data, a standard survey project can easily extend to several days of work. Delivering a turnkey high accuracy survey is a challenge that requires the expertise of a number of geospatial professionals.

From the Applanix website.

Utilizing a drone or other uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) to survey an area can be an alternative option to avoid demanding environments in the field. But Microdrones®, a leader in drone LiDAR and photogrammetry surveying equipment and software for geospatial collection and processing, was challenged to deliver point cloud data according to updated survey grade standards.


Microdrones needed an expert in Direct Georeferencing solutions for UAV implementation and a partner who understood multiple sensor implementations. So Microdrones contacted Applanix®, a Trimble® company and a leader in high accuracy Direct Georeferencing of LIDAR data.

Together, Microdrones and Applanix integrated Applanix’s POS (Positioning and Orientation) technology. As a prerequisite to implementation, Applanix needed to meet specific requirements to reduce the weight of the hardware, while keeping the accuracy and performance of the inertial measurement unit (IMU). Applanix’ APX UAV solutions were designed with this in mind – high accuracy georeferencing units which meet the size/weight/power requirements of a UAV, resulting in professional survey-grade aerial mapping solutions for a UAV.

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