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True View 515 3D Imaging System Introduced

Table of True View 515
True View 515

Lewis Graham, founder of GeoCue  commented, “We released the True View 410 3D Imaging System (3DIS®) in June of 2019.” This really has set the standard for general purpose colorized 3D topographic mapping. However, it is a bit on the noisy side for survey grade highway operations. To address this need, we introduced the True View 6xx series in June of 2020. These 3DIS use the Riegl miniVUX (along with dual mapping cameras, of course), nicely addressing the high accuracy, high precision DOT world. The True View 515 is well suited to dense vegetation and powerline extraction, but still priced in the general purpose range.

Over the years we have been looking for a sensor that would be well suited to dense vegetation and powerline extraction but still priced in the general purpose range. After extensive evaluation, we found a suitable sensor in the Hesai PandarXT-32 laser scanner. This is a 32 beam, 640,000 outgoing pulse per second, dual return scanner with pretty solid performance at 90 meters range. We have integrated this into our True View ecosystem, creating the True View 515. Figure 1 gives an idea of the True View 515 performance in vegetation as compared to the other members of the True View 3DIS family. Not only are we seeing superb ground echoes but also extremely detailed mid-canopy returns. We have joked around internally about this sensor being “vegemite” but it looks like it is earning these stripes!

By Lewis Graham.

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