Trimble Makes Wallstreet News

philippine-stock-market-boardAutonomous cars and UAVS continue to top the news. As we see LiDAR technology becoming more relied upon every day, the LiDAR waves are hitting Wallstreet.

Trimble’s (TRMB) performance this year is a strong indication of things to come. The Independent Republic reported on Trimble last week, referring to the company as a “Scorching Hot Tech Stock”. This report comes on the heels of the Intergeo Conference in Hamburg, Germany last week, the world’s largest trade fair in the field of geodesy, spatial data and land management where Trimble and many other LiDAR related companies introduced evolved technologies.

Trimble describes its company as integrating “its positioning expertise in GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Trimble serves a variety of industries including agriculture, engineering and construction, transportation and wireless communications infrastructure”.

Trimble has recently introduced Trimble® TX6 and improved TX8 high-performance 3D laser scanning solutions. The TX6 and the TX8 leverage Trimble’s patented technology, combining microsecond time-of-flight distance measurement with advanced on-board signal and 3D data processing.

Today, drones and self-driving cars are becoming household topics of conversation. Soon enough, we’ll all be relying on the technology that drives them. I can only imagine we’ll continue to see strong LiDAR related performance on Wallstreet this year.

Might want to call your broker.

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