Treesearch is an online system for sharing free, full text publications by Research and Development scientists in the US Forest Service. Included in Treesearch are scholarly works published by the agency as well as those published by others, including papers appearing in journals, conference proceedings, or books. All publications appearing in Treesearch are based on peer reviewed research to make sure they provide the best scientific information possible.

The Treesearch website has been delivering publications since January 2004, starting with a collection of just 7,000 and passing 40,000 by its tenth anniversary, with thousands added each year. A new version of Treesearch was launched in December 2013; see the bottom of this page for changes.

Searches in Treesearch are focused on the metadata surrounding a publication, things like author, title, and so forth. An alternative way to search the same collection is GeoTreesearch, an interactive map-based tool that combines full text searches of the publications themselves with a geographic filter based on the places mentioned in that text.

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