TRB AFB80 Day 2

Today at the TRB – Transportation Research Board AFB80 meeting we had a series of presentations including one on the “History of U.S. Road Design Legislation” by Curtis Clabaugh from the Wyoming DOT that was fascinating. I hope to get a link to it that I can pass on.

Lewis Graham from GeoCue presented on some of the breakthroughs that have occurred recently in photogrammetry and other geospatial technologies that are going to have a major impact on highway design. He also believes that UAVs are going to be big on the smaller scale projects.

I presented on the need for a transportation data model that would unify CAD and GIS. I included the concept of TIM – Transportation Information Modeling. Paul DiGiacobbe from HNTB presented on their expanding use of mobile laser scanning and Alexa Mitchell from Missouri DOT provided a DOT’s perspective on the changes taking place with geospatial technologies. They have lost 1200 staff in the past year.

It was a very informative day with a great group of people.

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