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Transportation Agencies Are Mandating 3D

point cloud of highway Transportation Agencies Going 3D
Transportation Agencies Going 3D

The 3D2025 will modernize PennDOT’s project delivery processes and contract document media to incorporate digital data. Simply stated, the initiative is that by 2025, construction projects will be bid using 3-D technology and no longer be in a traditional construction plan format. This will help PennDOT and other transportation agencies to incorporate streamlined processes to manage asset information as it changes through project development.

From the PennDOT website. It is very encouraging to see the leadership of state DOTs making this commitment to the future. If you want to see the future take a few minutes to read this document.

While PennDOT is currently a leading state for electronic construction management, the construction contract documents are comprised of 2-D plans in PDF format. By 2025, PennDOT will design projects using 3-D-engineered models and deliver the design intent to construction using 3-D -engineered models as the primary document of truth. All project elements — including what would typically be shown on so‐called “also plans” — will be contained within a digital model that would include 2-D and 3-D model elements with attached attributes and references. By selecting elements within a digital model, users could access 2-D representations of related traditional details or call-outs along with relevant calculation data. Users would be able to attach photos, videos, documents, hyperlinks, etc. to model elements.

Contractors and construction inspectors will use the digital models on the project site. The contractor’s as‐built deliverable will be an accurate representation of the constructed project. A core value enabler is the use of structured, object‐oriented data within the digital models. Object‐oriented data provides the capability to define the context within which the object is used and thereby align contextual data across the asset lifecycle. For example, connecting the construction tolerance, specification section, pay item number, and performance standards to unify the asset information across the lifecycle.

Transportation agencies for the complete program CLICK HERE.

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