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Topo – bathy LiDAR Demo

Chris Parrish has created a powerful demo of how bathymetric LiDAR works using a small UAV, laser and aquarium – ingenious. Chris works for NOAA – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just up the road at my alma mater the University of New Hampshire.

From Chris, ” FYI as a bit of background, the demo shown in the video was created for Know the Coast Day last weekend. My first ever attempt at explaining lidar to a K-12 audience.”

Nice job, it helped me to better understand how it really works.

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  • Chris is definitely one the leading experts in the area of topographic/bathymetric lidar. He has been conducting research for many, many years in this area (even before teaching at CCOM JHC) and has done some really great, innovative work.

    This video is certainly a clear and compelling depiction of the complex technology that is deployed in mapping the coast.

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