Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Customers

The COO at Survey Monkey, Leela Srinivasan reached out to her network to uncover the Top 5 Questions one should ask their customers. Challenge yourself – see how many you can guess before reading on.

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Top 5 Questions

From an article in the Survey Monkey eNewsletter.

It’s a good thing you’re curious, since the road to growth and innovation is paved with customer feedback. The best marketers and business leaders I know are customer-obsessed, and in a world of countless opportunities to measure, benchmark and act on feedback from employees, customers, partners, and more, that obsession is only growing.

Whether you’re mulling over how to acquire them, how to retain them, or how to create massive value for them (tip: begin with the latter and the rest will follow), I challenge you to go straight to the source and ask your customers directly for insights that will significantly impact your business trajectory.

For inspiration, I’ve aggregated the best responses from my network into the top 5 questions to ask your customers, starting with…

What can my company do to better serve your needs?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of you said you’d ask your customers what you could do to serve them better—whether through a product update or an improvement to your services.

You’re clearly onto something. In a recent SurveyMonkey Audience study, we found 57% of people have permanently stopped using a product after one bad experience. Ellie Wu, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Concur, pointed out that it’s not enough to simply ask what your business should do differently—instead, Wu says, you’ve got to actually “do something with the answers. Show customers we are actively listening and value their time and input.”

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