The World’s First High-Res HD Video of Earth

Honestly, I really am not sure what to make of this. Here’s how Skybox Imaging (tagline -Your World On Demand) describes their event, “We are pleased to introduce the world’s first high-resolution HD video of Earth taken from a commercial remote sensing satellite.” Sounds like just another press release, but I think this is a lot bigger deal than that.

Maybe it’s the holidays, but I would have thought this would have received a lot more fanfare. “The World’s First High-Res HD Video of Earth” – shouldn’t that be huge news to not just the geospatial community, but the world?

More specifics from Skybox Imaging, “This video showcases a selection of the first videos taken from SkySat-1, the first of our planned 24 satellite constellation. The video clips have not yet been calibrated or tuned. SkySat-1 captures up to 90-second video clips at 30 frames per second. The resolution is high enough to resolve objects that impact the global economy like shipping containers, while maintaining a level of clarity that does not determine human activity.”

Is this the true commercialization of remote sensing?

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  1. Lee De Cola says:

    since when are cars not ‘human activity’?

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