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The Value of 3D in Forensics

forensicsThis is an extensive look at the use of 3D laser scanning in some very high profile criminal investigations. It certainly seems that the use of the technology is becoming a requirement of most major investigations.

FARO gets the press on this one, but it is what law enforcement is doing with the technology that is impressive. It would certainly seem that this kind of documentation of crime scenes should certainly lead to more informed decision making. Forensics has to be an expanding market for 3D experts.

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  • All the manufactures gain from this type of article.
    The general public doesn’t care what hardware was used, they just know it is being done.

    There are clearly more and more 3D advancements making their way into forensics.
    All are excellent tools to assist in finding the truth.
    The advantage is it becomes more immersive all the time.
    Showing the jury the scene in 3D is huge as it gives them a perspective they might not have had before.
    VR goggles are going to be the next big advancement in my mind.. Taking the jury through the scene in this manner will allow them to arrive at their conclusions quickly, ethically and independent of the oratory skills of the Attorneys.
    There is a type of this working now, it’s just not ready for main stream.
    What a cool time to be a geek…

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