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The USIBD is Officially Launched

John Russo, the founder of the USIBD – the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation informed me at the end of last week that the articles of incorporation have been approved by the State of California. Congratulations to all those involved. It has taken a lot of hard work to get this stage, but really this is just the beginning.

If you have an interest in building documentation the USIBD would like to encourage you to become a member and to hopefully volunteer to serve on one of the committees. As the Chair of the Education committee we can certainly use the help in developing our outreach programs, training and possibly with a certification program that we have been discussing.

This is an opportunity to get involved with an important professional organization that is in its infancy and to help influence its future direction.  Thanks for your consideration.

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  • I came across your invites from linked-in and would like to know more about Committee requirements. We are very interested in this new technology moving fwd as we have been heavily involved in BIM coordination for the past 6 years worldwide. We have need involved in some of the most challenging projects and near impossible existing conditions. Feel free to contact me at 303-588-6864 if you like.

    Kaj Mailo
    Virtual Building Logistics

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