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The Smithsonian is Creating 3D Apollo 11

apollo11The Smithsonian is developing a detailed 3D model of NASA’s Apollo 11 command module and they are doing it with great care for the detail.

I found this info interesting, “The Smithsonian’s digitization team is working with the 3-D design company Autodesk to capture photos and laser scans of the inside and exterior of the command module. They’ll then mash the images and 3-D scans together for a colorful 3-D representation of the spacecraft.”

All parties involved call it their most challenging project yet, given the craft’s small size — no one can climb inside to capture images — and its titanium surfaces, which do not accurately reflect the lasers used to map the craft. There are also structural beams inside the spacecraft that block the laser, depending on the angle it is shooting at. Lighting is also a challenge. On Monday morning, one team member shined a flashlight through a window to help illuminate the cabin.

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