The Right Amount of Data

Birdview_Case_Study_1I wanted to call your attention to a recent Lidar News Showcase article by Stephen Epstein, the Marketing Manager for Phase One Industrial. He provides insight on best practices and lesson learned in the use of airborne lidar and still photography in the 3D mapping of high voltage power lines by an Italian company that specializes in this work.

As Stephen explains, Birdview (great name) needed the additional 3D detail that lidar could provide and then added a 60 MP camera that provided “just the right amount of resolution” and therefore data to meet their inspection needs. As he noted, “The Phase One camera, with the Rodenstock lenses, provides the detailed information that is needed, while at the same time generates a manageable amount of data, without slowing down the workflow. ”

This reminds me of my long held belief that scanners are dumb and that often times the amount of data collected exceeds the need which then bogs down the workflow from their on. In most cases we don’t need points, we need objects. Given the technology that we have today, it seems like Birdview is doing the best they can to address this issue.


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