The Next 3D Innovation

On a slow news day it gives me some time to think about what the next important innovation might be in our 3D world. Perhaps a smarter, tripod – mounted scanner technology; a portable indoor scanning system; a lower cost, engineering grade mobile mapping product, or a breakthrough that is not really on anyone’s radar.

As Joe Croser points out in his recent article the latter is a real challenge for the leading vendors in today’s market. He refers to it as the “innovation death spiral“. Instead of true innovation companies can get trapped in what is more correctly termed renovation, which does nothing to advance them in the marketplace.

To capture additional market share a company needs to deliver platform innovation. An example of this might be the FARO Focus 3D, but the big win comes with breakthrough innovation. These are the game changers – think Apple. There is a lot of risk associated with this kind of R&D, but this is where the big rewards are found.

Any ideas?

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